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Forum post of the day: "Blizz, help me find the gold I bought"

Eliah Hecht

I missed this last night since I don't spend much time on the Customer Support forums, so thanks to Halicante for bringing it to my attention. It seems that a player bought gold from a web site and only received some of it; the gold sellers claimed the unreceived part got "lost in the mail." Our protagonist then decided to run to the forums and ask Blizz for help reclaiming his lost gold. That he had bought.

Now I kinda wish I hadn't used the ASCII headache man for the Carson story, so I could use it here. Revel in the WTFness of the post (names have been removed by forum mods to protect the guilty):

i bought gold on line from and they sent it to me as fallows
22 2007-04-27 16:30:44
22 2007-04-27 18:55:28
56 2007-04-28 07:21:25

the two 22 gold were sent buy the character [Removed], but i only got 1 of the 22g and the 56g. they said they sent the gold and that it was lost in the mail system, so i should contact you guys. can youz help me?

here is my info for the order with the company (doubt that will do you any good though)
559271 Name Removed
WOW US - Mug'thol - Horde - 100 Gold

This in Blizzard's official forums. Sometimes I just have to shake my head and move on...but seriously, folks. Could this possibly be for real? Honestly, who pays money for 100 gold?

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