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Gauntlet II comes to PSN for sure Thursday


Looks like Gauntlet II is going through the PSN gauntlet alone this Thursday. Sure, Calling All Cars said that they'd be buddies and come out together on May 3, but looks like CAC is a fair-weather friend. Gauntlet II will be offered at the very-easy-on-the-wallet price of $4.99.

There really isn't too much to say about Gauntlet II, it's a better version of Gauntlet, and the game will include full online play, online leaderboards and one hundred levels. Sure, Gauntlet II is nothing new like Calling All Cars, but given the reviews for David Jaffe's latest title, at least Gauntlet II should be a reliable title. We do hope CAC comes out better after getting the nip and tuck that Jaffe thinks it needs. We can be patient ... for a couple weeks at least.

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