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Joystiq Podcast 006 - To the future! edition

Head into the future with us to discuss last week's news -- our Xbox 360 Elite hands-on, Nintendo's earnings, the PlayStation Eye, Duke Nukem Forever's 10 year anniversary, and more! Into the future to discuss last week's news? Don't ask us ... we've come unstuck in time. Listen:
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Hosts: Christopher Grant and Justin McElroy

Music: "Pac-Man Fever" by Buckner & Garcia

0:01:50 - What are we playing ("I also hate standing up to change things in trays")
0:11:40 - Duke Nukem Forever ("imagine Duke Nukem waking up from a coma after 10 years")
0:16:17 - Ken Kutaragi's retirement ("each one of those is a little diamond")
0:20:45 - PlayStation Eye ("might as well be packed in with a chastity belt")
0:27:20 - Xbox 360 Elite ("my discs are all ripped asunder")
0:38:15 - Elite Transfer process ("this is exactly the problem with DRM")
0:40:45 - Halo 3 leak analysis ("just wanna see a little bit of crazy Cortana")
0:55:35 - Nintendo prints money ("Billy Pidgeon already knows where we're going")
0:59:20 - Wii shortages until 2009 ("he analyzes the very fabric of time itself")
1:01:05 - Wii name anniversary ("there's a Gamecube shortage and a duct tape shortage")
1:08:10 - COG tags vids are the new horse armor ("if you have the internet but not an internet browser")
1:12:40 - Star Wars day ("what is with all the Star Wars posts today?")

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