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Bloom off the rose: wireless minute usage falls

Brian White

Yeah, we knew the day would come: we just got tired of using our trusty StarTacs and they've been sent to the desk drawer to be retired. Well, not really, but call amounts on mobiles have declined for the first time ever. This comes from new research from J.D. Power and Associates (which only has a decade of records to look at). The average number of weekly calls made by prepaid customers stood at 14 in 2006 and went down to 10 in 2007 (a decline of almost 29%). For indentured servant contract wireless subscribers, the number has dipped from 35 to 27. When asked for more information, a J.D. Power rep said that "mobile phones have lost their position as a status symbol. At one time, people seemed to feel the need to justify the money spent on a mobile phone by using it all the time. But that has gone." So, are you seeing a reduction in annoying calls in theaters and restaurants? Perhaps they are being replaced by SMS crowd. In addition, are we using those streaming TV apps and MP3 players more on our handsets rather than, umm, making and receiving calls? Perhaps, perhaps not.


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