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Breakfast topic: Hard-to-find mobs


After a weekend of horrible illness, I was hoping for a quiet, relaxing time in Tanaris when I finally logged into my paladin. Instead, I spent about thirty minutes hunting for the pirate leader Caliph Scorpidsting. I don't know if this guy randomly despawns, paths a wide area, or just blends in exceptionally well with the crowd, but he's very difficult to find and kill. And he's not the only one. Other notably annoying to find mobs include:

  • The Defias Messenger, who roams all along Westfall for the Alliance. If you're Horde and want to be a jerk, camp this mob -- he's part of an important Alli quest chain.
  • Rexxar, the Champion of the Horde. You don't have to kill him, but you'll have to find and talk to him many, many times for the Horde Onyxia chain quest. And he paths through two zones. Woo.
  • The Assassin and Mankrik's Wife: The bodies of these dead quest mobs are so difficult to locate for many Hordies that they've become running joke in Hellfire Peninsula and the Barrens, respectively.
  • Sin'Dall, Tethis and Bhag'thera: These beasts are part of the Nesingwary's hunt quest line in Stranglethorn Vale. Sin'Dall and Tethis have fairly static positions, but are difficult to find if you're doing the quest for the first time (Sin'Dall is on a hill and Tethis is by the coast.) Bhag'thera ... well, like many cats, Bhag'thera seems to disappear a lot for no reason at all.

What mobs have you had to search hard to find?

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