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Consumer Alert: Circuit City recalls Verge TV mounts

Matt Burns

There is nothing more important than the safety of your family. [period] Sure, that flat screen hanging on your wall was a big investment but can you imagine what a 100+ lb screen falling from five feet could do to a child? Circuit City has issued a joint, voluntary recall for their in-house Verge brand TV mounts. This recall is for the tilting models only - VPSW103M & VPSW103M2 - as apparently, with an upward force, the locking mechanism could fail, causing the TV to fall forward. Not good. Circuit City does have a free repair kit available to correct this defect - call (888) 666-9897. Even if you aren't using this Circuit City house brand mount, go check your mount to make sure everything is nice and safe.

[via HDTV Almanac]

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