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Video walkthrough released for freeware adventure La-Mulana


Created to celebrate classic MSX games such as Maze of Galious, La-Mulana is one of the most difficult platforming adventure games in the freeware world. Think Cave Story meets Metroidvania with an Indiana Jones theme and the difficulty level ramped up three or four notches. It's a long adventure filled with mysterious puzzles, dangerous temples, and tense exploration. It's frustrating at times, but boy is it fun.

Until now, clueless adventurers have had only a translated item/location guide to go by. Now, thanks to DeceasedCrab and a little YouTube magic, a complete video walkthrough of La-Mulana has been released. There are more than 50 videos containing over seven hours of hand-holding spoilers and cheesy narration. Each video walks you through a specific part of the game, so do yourself a favor and only start watching when you're stuck.

Download the game and English translation patch courtesy of Aeon Genesis.

[Via Independent Gaming]

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