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Nintendo rep comments on Zapper situation


We've been following the saga of the third party Nintendo Zappers for quite some time now, without so much as a peep coming from Nintendo HQ on the whole matter. Why, ever since teasing us at E3, there hasn't been a single word on Nintendo's own Zapper, leaving us to speculate on when it would release and what game(s) could take advantage of it. Sadly, Nintendo has finally said something on the matter, but it still doesn't help us in knowing when it will release and what game(s) will take advantage of it.

In commenting to CVG, a Nintendo rep stated that "A peripheral is only as useful as the software it's supporting," leading us to believe that Nintendo hasn't said anything about their own Zapper because they haven't completed any games that will take advantage of it. This, of course, implies that they are working on something specifically for the Zapper. As for when we could see the gun from E3 on store shelves, Nintendo isn't giving up that information, stating "What was showed was a prototype, we're not announcing any further details at this time."

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