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Acer reveals Gemstone, TravelMate ProFile laptop designs


Acer certainly didn't waste much time teasing out its new Gemstone laptop, with only a couple of days separating its first mysterious announcement and today's official unveiling. While it unfortunately doesn't appear to be quite ready to reveal much in the way of specs, Acer is more than willing to wax eloquently about the laptop, saying that it adds "a new level of emotional involvement to the Acer mobile experience, dressing the Emperor in new clothes." Still not convinced? Then perhaps the "neon media flow that carves a delicate energy line from the DC input all the way through to the touchpad" will be enough to sell you on it. For those looking for something a little more conventional, Acer has also unveiled its new TravelMate ProFile laptop design (check it out after the break), which is also light on specs at the moment but does promise some increased sturdiness while still keeping the weight down. As you might have guessed, Acer isn't providing any details on pricing or availability either, although it'll apparently have more to say on that later this month.

[Via Electronista]

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