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Broken Pixels versus Night Trap and Snow Job

Jared Rea

Not many people know this, but before Joystiq was scooped up by our overlords at AOL (A Time Warner company!), head honcho Chris Grant actually owned the URL. A dedicated shrine to the Full Motion Video games of the past, a younger, less sleep-deprived Chris spent every waking moment of his life chronicling what he considered to be the second renaissance of modern video games. Though long gone, we here at Joystiq try and honor our history at every opportunity. Even if it does give us nightmares.

In a video not suitable for work or family viewing, EGM's Shane Bettenhausen and Crispin Boyer team up with lovable heckler Seanbaby to play two icons of FMV gaming: Night Trap and Snow Job. Better at the former than he is Soul Calibur III, Shane impresses the crew with his incredible Auger snatching skills that must be seen to be believed.

Catch the video after the break and be thankful you live in this modern age of the Internet and cell phones.


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