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CGI night elf causes screaming in uncanny valley


That sound you hear is the uncanny valley screaming out in terror. This latest completely CGI woman created by artist Max Kor blows our mind. Originally created to be a submission in a World of Warcraft contest, Kor says he didn't submit it because he couldn't finish the project in time -- something about details getting in the way. We can't imagine what he's talking about.

Kor says on his site, "When I begin personal projects, I have a habit of starting something not knowing exactly what it should look like, but still imagining some very small and unimportant details that definitely should be there. While it may be seen as very unprofessional, that's what makes it fun; exploring the possibilities along the way"

Yeah, unprofessional is the last thing we'd ever describe this as. Kor goes through the step-by-step process detailing the development of the night elf on the CGSociety website. We have to echo our sister-site WoWInsider in saying that if we didn't see how she was created (snapshots shown after the break), we'd swear it's a woman in make-up. Unbelievable work.

[Via WoWInsider]

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