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PS3 murders Xbox 360 with hot air

Justin McElroy

When robotic lions get together, they form a robot that defends the universe. When the PS3 and Xbox 360 get together, they apparently sometimes kill each other. In the battle for 1UP Editor John Davison's living room, Round 1 goes to the PS3, smacking the 360's red-ringed ass to the curb.

The truncated version of Davison's tale of woe goes a little like this: His toddler turns on the PS3 (without Dad's knowledge) while the 360 is on. The two systems share the same confined space, but Davison always opens the shelving when the PS3 is on, for fear that it would go nuclear. It totally does. But instead of shutting down, it blows out so much hot air that it kills the 360. He learned it from watching you, Dad! ... He learned it from watching you.

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