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Resident Wii-vil 4 officially priced at $29.99


The idea of Resident Evil 4 for the Wii just got more tasty-like-brains delicious with the pricing pegged at $29.99. Capcom's official site priced the game confirming earlier reports of the low pseudo-budget price. The original Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube (which works fine on Wii, without waggle) and PS2 is budget priced at $20.

Now we wait until June to see if the Wii controls do the game justice. We already know we like the European boxart better than the American. Resident Evil 4 was arguably one of the best games of last-gen. If these tacked on Wii controls don't elevate the title, make gamers happy and, let's not forget, sell well, then RE4 for Wii may be another log on the Wii-fad bonfire. If it doesn't end up making the amazing RE4 even better, what was the point of birthing the Wii edition other than as a blatant money-grab?

[Thanks, hvnlysoldr]

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