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Rumor: Nintendo of America moving; SF and NYC are options

This town ain't big enough for the both of them!

Redmond, WA that is. Home to Microsoft, Nintendo of America, and 46K innocent bystanders, the sleepy burg just outside Seattle is also home to a showdown. Well, not so much a showdown -- we don't think Microsoft has any intention of packing up -- but Nintendo's American operation is considering just that, according to Game Informer Online. Reportedly, the sales and marketing teams currently coordinated in Redmond were told yesterday that they had until June 1st to decide whether to relocate or accept a severance package. Possible locations for the new offices -- which could be open as soon as this Fall -- include Lincoln, Nebraska and Juneau, Alaska ...

... this just in: they're now considering San Francisco or New York City. Sorry Lincoln and Juneau. But what of the rest of Nintendo's Remond work force, which includes the Treehouse localization team, Nintendo Power, customer service, HR, and more?

[Via GameDaily BIZ]

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