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Sticker shocking designs from Korea

Eric Caoili

Gariz's stickers won't upstage mods like yesterday's Zelda-themed DS Lite, but they're an easy way to personalize your handheld with an attractive design. The metal decals emphasize the embossed logo on the system' s lid, surrounding it with either a deco pattern or a miniaturized DS. Both styles come in silver and gold.

Selling for approximately $29 at its Korean shop, the're no doubt that the Gariz skins are overpriced, especially when you consider that the rest of the included stickers -- matching borders for your screens, three alphabet sets, and accents for your D-pad/buttons -- are nothing to write home about. We're sure that there'll be people who won't mind paying the premium price though, as there aren't many other options for subtle customizations like these. Jump past the break for more photos.

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