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The KU970: LG's HSDPA Shine launches

Chris Ziegler

LG's taken its glamorous Shine series to the next level -- the 3G level, that is -- officially rolling out the KU970 this week. Despite FCC involvement, the KU970 doesn't include any bands of particular interest to Americans, rocking only 2100MHz HSDPA (at 3.6Mbps, no less) in addition to triband GSM. Visually, the Shine formula remains the same (why mess with a good thing?), while guts include 2 megapixel primary and VGA secondary cams, a QVGA display, a full half gig of internal storage, and the full suite of media support. Though clearly destined for the European market, there's no word yet on when exactly it'll hit.

[Via Unwired View]

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