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Vertu's "Strawberry" and "Cream" Ascents

Chris Ziegler

Frankly, we're not sure who's still buying the Vertu Ascent. Contrary to what Vertu might think, its handsets aren't timeless -- as technology plods ever forward, so must the world's phones. Alas, the company is seeing fit to roll out yet another batch of special editions of its most "mainstream" (we use that term very loosely here) model. "Strawberry" and "Cream," as one might expect, are pink and white respectively and feature perforated leather on their rears to roughly approximate the texture of a strawberry. Of course, it takes a very special kind of "rich" to afford a Vertu, so maybe existing owners are snatching these things up and putting them into some sort of ornate, wooden storage box, never to be used or seen again. To you folks, look for these newest models to grace your Vertu retailer come June.

[Thanks, James]

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