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WoW Drama, a blog about serious business

Mike Schramm

I can't believe, considering my fascination with the great WoW drama that shows up every week in Guildwatch, that this has existed for months without me knowing about it, but I guess it has. There is apparently an entire blog dedicated to nothing but gritty, stupid, complicated WoW drama. How genius.

At GW, we just stick to guild drama, and it's true that most of the really great stuff comes from that. There's nothing better than a WoW is Serious Business guild post or a shocking Vent session (that poor kid is really crying! wow!). These guys have also expanded into PvP drama, and even reviewing some classic stuff. The site is run by two guys named Kingfox (who I believe has commented on this site before) and Eddie Bax, and while they could update a little more often (it seems like they've been too busy raiding lately, what's there is definitely an interesting read.

I don't know what my fascination is with this stuff. I guess maybe it's that I always seem to have no trouble remembering that I'm just playing a game, and so the people who completely forget that just amuse me to no end. I don't want anyone to get hurt (although feelings do often get hurt in good drama), but it just seems like so much of this stuff could be avoided if everybody just lightened up. It's a game, folks-- there'll be other guilds to join and other loot that drops.

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