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Compal readies IFL90, IFL91, IFT00, and ITF01 Santa Rosa laptops

Darren Murph

The race to crank out Santa Rosa-equipped lappies has just become a sprint, as even Compal has joined the ranks of Fujitsu, Dell, Asus, and HP (among others) to loose a bevy of new machines on the world. The IFT00 and IFT01 each sport a 14.1-inch display, up to 4GB of DDR2 RAM, an option for an HD DVD player, gigabit Ethernet, an ExpressCard slot, four USB 2.0 ports, FireWire, WiFi, a biometric scanner, and a SATA hard drive to boot. The IFT00, however, ups the ante on its lesser-spec'd sibling by throwing in a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600, while the IFT01sports Intel's integrated GMA X3100 graphics set. The IFL00 and IFL01 maintain most of the same specifications, but offer up a 15.4-inch WXGA+ or WXGA display and the option for a nine-cell battery. All four units should drop in Europe sometime soon, with pricing details to disclosed at a later time.

[Via PCLaunches]

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