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Rosie and helping the children


OK, we get it, a lot of people don't like Rosie O'Donnell, we understand. Curiously her charity is hooking up with, which is owned by the lambasted Electronic Arts, another target of the ire police. Anyway, the two of them are getting together to launch "Pogo Cares Benefiting Rosie's For All Kids Foundation." Over two months EA's casual game site will raise awareness of Rosie's "For All Kids Foundation" to its 11 million players and donate $30,000 to the organization which has helped build 27 day care centers in low- income areas and provided $24.6 million in grants to over 900 child-related programs.

Wait, EA is only donating $30,000 and some web ad space to an organization that is essentially raising their future customers? Have they learned nothing from the tobacco industry? The more money they dump into an organization like this, the more well-adjusted adults the program has a probability of producing. Especially in the casual gamer space, which continues to grow and will make up a huge share of the market. Oh well, at least EA's doing something nice, but two months of advertising and $30k doesn't sound very charitable for the rewards they can reap from such a deal.

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