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TimeShift isn't complete vaporware, now with trailer


And just when TimeShift was getting into Duke Nukem Forever territory, here comes a nice trailer. This follows the announced delay last year when Vivendi said they were giving the game "time and resources needed to fulfill its potential." At last year's E3 the game played fine, but the graphics were lacking. E3 criticism is what probably sent the title into seclusion. We're sure somewhere TimeShift and Too Human are having a couple beers and drunkenly talking about how unfair E3 2006 was to them. Although this footage of TimeShift clearly isn't in-game, it's still cool. Now remember developers, don't ever let something go into a CG movie that won't be in the game -- big no no. A release date for TimeShift is still lost in the miasma of corporate decision making.


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