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TTool navigation system handles DMB TV, GPS

Darren Murph

To be honest, there's not much about the TTool all-in-one navigation system that differs from the hordes of other conglomerates hailing from South Korea, but it's hard to deny the dashing good looks if nothing else. Running about par for the (overseas) course, this device sports a 400MHz Samsung S3C2440A processor, 64MB of NAND Flash ROM, 64MB of SDRAM, a seven-inch 480 x 324 resolution touchscreen, USB, a SiRF Star III GPS receiver, audio in / out, DMB TV tuner, an SD / MMC flash card slot, and a media player that handles MP3s, movies, and still photos. There's Windows CE .net 5.0 runnin' the show, and while we're not entirely sure if the webcam-type device flanking the top records video, recognizes faces, or just amplifies the antenna, it's not likely to matter to the Americans in the crowd who will never have the joy of handling this. No word just yet on price or a release date, but click on through for a few more glamor shots.

[Via NaviGadget]

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