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Wii Warm Up: Be kind, rewind


You may have noticed in your dealings with retail establishments: things are expensive. This is especially true in the category of things we deal with (video games). Sometimes it is very difficult to get enough cans recycled, change rolled, or lawns mowed to be able to keep up with the latest Wii releases-- despite the money we saved on hardware relative to others.

There is a solution! There are places out there that let you pay a little money and play a game for a little while. Some of them even deliver the games right to you. Rentals can be a lifesaver for those of us who are strapped for cash. But they don't really let you take your time with a game, and they definitely do nothing for the collector instinct.

Do you ever take advantage of rentals? Or do you find the idea of playing scratched discs that have been who knows where too distasteful to consider?

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