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Canadian museum to feature motion sensitive displays, personal digital keys


A Canadian Human Rights Museum due to open within the next four years is to include a range of technology not usually suited to museums, including a motion sensitive display wall and a digital "human rights key" which documents the visitor's trip. The details on the technology are a little sparse, although the CanWest News Service likened the motion sensitive display wall to controlling a Wii. As there doesn't appear to be any control device involved, we'd say the implementation will be closer to that of the Precrime program, but as the building won't be ready for another four years -- by which time there'll probably be a whole new console technology for museums to emulate -- we'll just have to wait and see. The "human rights key" is equally vague, and could be as simple as a USB key that downloads information from the exhibits. Not that we've got anything against human rights, but for the sake of the kids visiting the museum, we'd hope that the key is a little more stacked out than just a USB key. Then again, if Engadget ever drafted a piece of human rights legislation, several sections would be put towards appeasing the robot population, so what do we know?

[Via The Raw Feed]

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