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Virtual Console videos let you at least see the game


One of the rightful complaints about the Wii's Virtual Console is the inability to demo games. A pretty shady practice to say the least given that XBLA lets you demo pretty much anything. Oh well, now you can at least see the game before you buy it. Nintendo has a website up now which shows a 30-second clip (technically 25, minus 5 seconds for the ESRB rating) of each VC title.

Gamers who weren't around the first time these titles came out can at least see what they look like -- although it's still a poor substitute for a demo. Also, a 30-second clip of Zelda doesn't really give the title the oomph it deserves and some of the clips chosen just seem like awkward choices. Sure, they aren't demos, but at least they're something.

[Via WiiFanboy]

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