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Blast from the Past: What the new iPods ain't got

Newer isn't always better. Ask any wine connoisseur or violin player. I recently googled across this article over at the Apple Blog on why new iPods aren't quite as good as old iPods. Sure there are a lot of great reasons to buy new. It was iPod video support that finally convinced me to buy. Eddie Hargreaves writes that early iPods had a lot going for them too, with features recently phased out such as A/C power adapters included in the box, FireWire support, and carrying cases, among others.

I personally prefer having my modern batteries and video capability (currently about 80% of my iPod's tiny 30GB hard drive is used for video) and I long ago picked up a cheap A/C-USB power adapter. Still, an included wired remote would have been nice and I wouldn't have minded playing around with the original extra feedback click settings.

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