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Final Fight, Mighty Bomb Jack, Ordyne hit the Virtual Console


Although Nintendo's press site has been silent on this week's Virtual Console releases, three new classic games are now available, just like every Monday, ready to fill our day with a little sunshine, lollipops, and a rainbow or two.
  • Ordyne (TG-16, 600 Wii Points) - A horizontal scrolling shoot-em-up in the style of Parodius.
  • Mighty Bomb Jack (NES, 500 Wii Points) - A puzzle/platformer game.
  • Final Fight (SNES, 800 Wii Points) - Capcom's beat-em-up defined the genre in the 16-bit days. Walk around, punch people, play a muscle-bound mayor, then destroy a car and watch the owner weep. Does it get any better than that? Answer: no.
Nintendo's recently-unveiled Virtual Console mini-site features 30-second clips from VC games, though as we write the latest releases aren't available for preview. That doesn't matter, because everyone will be getting Final Fight. It's required.

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