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Halo 2 GhostBike gives you wings

Kevin Kelly

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You know about the Red Bull Flugtag, right? Chances are you've probably seen a commercial for it on TV, watching as hapless inventors and goofballs try to make their man-made craft soar through the air.

Well, you Halo fans will have a reason to watch if the voting goes your way. One special craft vying for the wild card spot at the Nashville Flugtag is the Halo 2 GhostBike. Get over there and vote for it, and watch that baby take some sweet jumps. Plasma cannons appear to be optional, let's hope he removed 'em for flight.

They even have a pretty addictive little Flash game on their website where you can try your hand at flying.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy, and thanks Michael]

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