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Metareview: Spider-Man 3


With it's release on Friday, many gamers looked to Spider-Man 3 for some wall-clinging action. But, for those of you still on the fence, is the game worth coming down for? Well, the critics might not help you much, considering that they're scoring the game extremely on both sides of the spectrum.

Regardless, let's see what they said:

  • GamingTrend (83/100) says the developers succeeded in maximizing controls for the Wii version: "Vicarious Visions has worked very hard on this title to ensure that it utilizes the unique control scheme of the Wii in the best way possible, and they have succeeded. The city is bigger and the storyline is expanded to take advantage of that."
  • Game Chronicles (83/100) thinks the black suit works best in the Wii version of the game: "A very cool Wii-exclusive gameplay features is the enhanced integration of the black suit. It was more of a visual concept on the PS3 and 360, but in this game it really becomes part of the strategy."
  • GameZone (80/100) scores the game well, even though they think the combat still sucks: "Slinging webs is an accelerated, exhilaration-pushing experience that offsets the return of an old and repetitive combat engine. Wii players have the benefit of using their remotes to attack, which sharply cuts the repetition tied to pressing one button thirty million times."
  • IGN (57/100) finds a lot of faults in the game: "The sub-par visual presentation really hurts; the Wii version chugs with an inconsistent framerate despite lots of city pop- up and the fact that many 3D structures lack textures completely when viewed at a distance. The battle system, in spite of some gameplay- enhancing upgrades, feels clunky and unrefined. And many of the story arcs, while original, are neither very interesting nor very well executed."
  • Games Radar (40/100) found the game to be almost unplayable: "It's so dumbed down that it might actually be more appropriate for children if it weren't for the T rating on the package. Just play the 360 version. Actually, scratch that, just go play Spider-Man 2 instead. It's worlds better than this. There are actually parts of this that look like they're right out of the original PlayStation game from 2000."
Did any of you pick this up?

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