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Miyamoto interview: "I could make Halo"

Kevin Kelly

Yes, Shigeru Miyamoto told Entertainment Weekly that he could make Halo, although he did go on to say, "It's that I choose not to." It's hard to imagine what a Miyamoto-designed Halo would look like. Lots of bright colors, anthropomorphic flora and fauna, and guns that squirt pink goo come to mind. On second thought, maybe imagining that is a bad, bad idea.

Miyamoto drops this gem and some others in a recent interview, including the fact that "If I could build a game that somehow made the young people respect their elders ..." He also wants to make a game that teaches freelancers to pay their taxes. Thankfully, before we can decide he's lost his marbles, he goes on to say "But I probably sound like an old man when I bring these things up."

Whew. We didn't want to have to say it for him. Still, there's a reason Shiggy was named one of Time's 100 most influential people, and that the Wii is riding a wave of popularity ... he seems to know what fun is.

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