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Rover SPARC uses IBM backup tech to keep your fav files safe


There's no shortage of backup solutions out there -- just like there's no shortage of people who never get around to it anyways. The Rover SPARC does things a little differently, however. Instead of providing a massive storage solution for all your files, the Rover SPARC uses IBM's "Continuous Data Protection" to keep track of your most precious files, and back them up on the fly as changes are made. The wallet-sized drive comes in 2GB and 4GB flavors for $100 and $130, respectively, and while both sizes aren't going to back up your OS, program, or media folders anytime soon, emails, contacts and other must-haves should fit just fine. If you're incredibly unlucky, the "plug & play software" saves copies of certain files (including photos) online, but there's a $35 annual fee to keep that going after the first year.

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