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Sansa Shaker: unboxed and oh-so-cute


These days we're hardly content with WiFi-capable superDAPs, much less a screenless and awkward SD-based player, but luckily the children of the world aren't so picky when it comes to enjoying their tunes -- though we're sure in a few years nothing less than a 64GB flash player with a 1080p screen and built-in smell-o-vision will suffice. At least that's what Chris from Mobility Site discovered about the new Sansa Shaker, whose four year old son has taken quite the liking to the device. The cutesy sound effects and pre-loaded songs seem like they'll get old right quick, and despite Sansa's best efforts the controls don't seem terribly intuitive, but 512MB of good times for $40 isn't bad at all. Peep the read link for video of the unboxing and the little man's first impressions.

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