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Wipeout Pulse details bring sexy back to the PSP

Jared Rea

If Lumines Live was how not to handle downloadable content, the PSP launch title Wipeout Pure is the poster child of how to. Sony's Studio Liverpool is bringing the hotness back to handhelds this year with Wipeout Pulse and an interview with "designer" (quotes by Eurogamer) Clark Davis shows they haven't exactly been sitting on their hands for the past two years

Beyond improved controls and alternative track designs, players will be able to create their own campaigns and use their own MP3s for music. The Disruptor weapon, made famous in Wipeout XL is gone and instead replaced with a few new weapons that affect your game by screwing with your HUD or setting your engine ablaze.

Downloadable content will be making a return and if it's anything like Wipeout Pure's, we'll have months worth of content to look forward to past launch.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

[Image by Jon Burgerman]

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