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Breakfast topic: Rescue me


Okay, I'll admit I saw this picture first and came up with this breakfast topic just so I could use it. In WoW, we often come across people in need. Maybe it's a lowbie being corpse-camped by a higher-level opponent, or a healer being beaten on by hard-hitting mobs, or even a member of the opposite faction who's pulled more than they can handle. And then you come riding by on your mount and have to make a choice -- stop and help, or watch them die?

As an inveterate softie and rescuer of small animals, I almost always help. In the past few days, I've tried to escort a level 20 night elf who was lost in Feralas for some reason (actually, he got scared of me and ran off a cliff and died), assisted a team of Alliance in beating down some Incendosaurs, and of course helped any members of the Horde who were under attack by the Allies. I also enjoy going into lowbie areas and aiding with elite quests that I know are a complete pain to find a group for, and there's a shammie on my server who gets his kicks from hanging around the Ring of Blood and helping groups there.

Why stop and help? Well, there's karma to worry about. What goes around comes around. If I'm nice to people, then they'll remember and will help me in the future (or at least not gank me.) Plus, I get that nice feeling of moral superiority that comes from being good. My help isn't unconditional, though -- if you yell at me, have previously been identified as a tool, or have a name like "Deeznuts", I'm going to let you die and probably spit on your grave. I've also noticed that people keep trying to come along and "save" me from the three or more mobs on me, which, as a prot pally, I can handle perfectly well.

Do you help people in trouble, or do you let them handle it themselves? What about the opposite faction? How far have you gone to help a comrade?

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