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Diasonic's forgettable 4.3-inch portable media player

Darren Murph

While we wish that each and every PMP to come flowing out of Korea could be distinguishable from the rest, Diasonic's latest does just about everything it can to fit right in with the crowd. This apparently unnamed PMP sports a matte black finish, touch-sensitive controls on the face, Windows CE 5.0, a DaVinci chipset, text / image viewer, voice recording capabilities, and the obligatory MP3 / movie playback functions. Additionally, you'll find an SD slot to carry your media, a headphone jack, USB connectivity, and a noticeably long antenna that we assume picks up the nearby terrestrial TV broadcasts with ease. The device is said to have been co-developed with Sharp, and will be showcased at the upcoming Sviaz-Expocomm 2007 in Moscow, but there's no word yet on when this run-of-the-mill PMP will be hitting shelves.

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