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Double Dragon on XBLA this Wednesday, Rush'n Attack on the way

Justin McElroy

Microsoft got around to admitting today that, yes, Double Dragon is this week's release on XBLA, a tidbit that developer Empire Interactive let slip last week. Of course, Microsoft did get to break the news that it's the only release this week, which isn't nearly as much fun. It'll run you 400 points ($5) and includes original and high-definition graphics.

Perhaps in an attempt to get that old newsy thrill back, the release also mentions some other titles headed to the service, like Konami's Rush'n Attack (aka Green Beret), Solitro Solitare and Spyglass Board Games (chess, checkers, etc.). That's all very well, but Double Dragon fans will probably be a little busy beating some Abobo PopoZão this week to get too excited about the future.

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