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Rumor: Rockstar bringing Table Tennis to the Wii?


The rumor mill is at it again, churning out log after log of potentially possible prospects in the gaming world. The latest of which is the rumor that Rockstar is planning on bringing its Table Tennis game to the Wii. While we'd agree that the gameplay of said title would suit the console's control scheme perfectly, along with Rockstar's recent support of Nintendo by bringing Manhunt 2 over to the Wii (lending a bit of credibility to the rumor), we believe a couple of things will ultimately get in the way of this happening.

But that's not to say we don't want it to happen, we just don't think it will. First of all, the game runs on the RAGE engine (which also powers the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV), allowing for some spiffy high-res graphics. Toning them down would turn this already beautiful game into something a lot less appealing to the eye. Of course, that isn't the end of the world, but asking consumers to pay near the same price for it on the Wii with sub-par graphics and new controls might be a problem.

We do think the controls would be superior on the Wii, however. They could map the face buttons of the 360 controller onto the d-pad of the Wiimote and use the B trigger to control your Focus shots, which would feel smooth and natural. But, in changing the control scheme to such a set-up, we have a feeling we'd get pretty tired playing a match on the Wii (and the nunchuk cord could possible get in the way). Regularly, points can get up to 70-80 volleys between opponents before they are rewarded.

And what about that nunchuk? You need it, otherwise Rockstar would be turning Table Tennis into a slicker-looking Wii Sports: Tennis as the game would control the movements of your character, increasing the potential for even higher volleys per point. How do you guys feel about the possibility of this game coming to the Wii?

[Via Go Nintendo]

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