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Samsung's SCH-B640 "Ultra Mobile TV"

Chris Ziegler

In multimedia terms, what in tarnation is the F500 Ultra Video lacking? Ooh, that's right: live television. Enter the SCH-B640 "Ultra Mobile TV," a device that shares most of the F500's physical attributes but adds in a little S-DMB action for pulling down the satellite feeds South Koreans so enviably receive. Like the F500, the B640 gets a 2 megapixel cam, a self-supporting swivel stand, and the nifty dual-personality concept with a dedicated phone on one side and multimedia features on the other. Though S-DMB wouldn't work in these parts, the B640 is a CDMA device -- any chance Verizon wants to pick up a MediaFLO version of this to rock the UpStage's world?

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