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Xbox 360 Spring Update coming tomorrow

Justin McElroy

Xbox 360 gamers, prepare to have your mind blown (until a few minutes later when you don't notice it anymore): The spring 360 update drops tomorrow. Are you prepared to be reminded that Messenger actually exists? Are you ready to know what Achievement you got without having to press that big button? Are you ready to know what game is in your console without actually having to open it, you lazy bastard? Well, you better be, because it's the most exciting stuff in the update.

Well, there is the enticing, yet puzzling boast that "Video trick modes (fast forward, rewind, chapter skip) can now be used while downloading Video Marketplace content." (Woah! Awesome trick! You're fast-forwarding!) Oh, and the new H.264 video support (drool!). Crap, we nearly forgot that you can set your 360 to turn off after downloading content to help save energy. Take that, you sanctimonious home folders! The 360 is a tree hugger. The hacky sack circle begins at 5am EST tomorrow.

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