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Complete PC gets shoved into a classic Gameboy

Darren Murph

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The game of PC modding leapfrog now has another formidable participant, as the PC-stuffed Gameboy sure gives the Compubeaver a real run for its money. Apparently, the zany modders at the helm grabbed Via's EPIA PX10000G motherboard, a few cutting tools, a couple of LEDs, and went at it. Quite simply, this classic Gameboy will probably never play a round of Mario ever again, but it shouldn't have any qualms firing up AIM, Folding@Home, or any other Windows XP application. The A and B buttons were carefully replaced with activity indicators, while both sides of the unit were gashed open to make room for a pair of USB ports, an Ethernet jack, and a VGA output as well. Atop the unit sits a 4GB CF card, which purportedly houses a fresh copy of the operating system, and while they did stop short of installing a high-resolution LCD to give users the ultimate mobile Windows experience, you've got to give cred where it's due. Click through for a few more snapshots.

[Via PlasticBamboo]

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