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Final Fantasy Dissidia looks to be a brawler


Err, guys? Not to alarm you, but a new scan from Japan's Shonen Jump magazine seems to indicate that Square Enix is looking to revisit the fighting genre. Recently revealed as a Sony PSP title, Final Fantasy Dissidia appears to do away with traditional RPG fare, distilling epic conflict into one-on-one battles between series protagonists, antagonists and, in most cases, exhibitionists.

If you examine the page, you're sure to spy the presence of Final Fantasy IX's rat-tailed thief, Zidane, duking it out with his crystal-hating nemesis, Kuja. It remains to be seen whether Square Enix will include characters from across the series in a Power Stone-esque battle royale, but the possibility is sure to be an exciting one for intense Final Fans. Can Squall mope the floor with Cloud? Will Quina Quen clobber Kefka? Could Tidus and Vaan even manage to injure each other? Final Fantasy Dissidia may just hold the answers. For now, we'd best wait until Square Enix provides some of their own.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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