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Gateway's E-265M, E-475M laptops released and reviewed


In a departure from other companies, it looks like Gateway has managed to keep its new Santa Rosa laptops from leaking out before today's big release, although it does seem to have been willing to send out a few units for some early reviews. Aimed primarily at business users, the E-265M and E-475M boast virtually identical designs and specs, differentiated mainly by the 14.1-inch display on the former and a 15.4-inch one on the latter model. Otherwise, each laptop will give you a choice of Core 2 Duo processors, either ATI Radeon HD X2300 or Intel GMA X3100 graphics and, perhaps most notably, a promised 10 1/2 hours of battery life (if you opt for both the 12 cell battery and the modular battery, that is). As for how they stack up, the folks at CNET found that they both proved to be decent enough systems (giving same 7.4/10 rating to each), although they weren't exactly blown away by the switch to Santa Rosa, finding only modest gains in performance. Also, while they liked the $1,399 starting price, the cost of adding some of those desirable upgrades proved to more be a tad off-putting.

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