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Rumor: Jessica Biel as Chun-Li in Street Fighter flick


Say what?! claims to have a casting scoop that pits Jessica Biel as Chun-Li in the upcoming film adaptation of Street Fighter. Since the film will apparently focus on the Chinese-born Interpol agent turned 'World Warrior' contestant, the creators are after a star that can deliver a roundhouse kick -- and look sexy while doing it. (CGI will handle the ol' Hyakuretsukyaku.) It appears that the casting department didn't bother to sift through Hollywood's stagnant pool of Chinese -- or even passable as Chinese -- actresses; so no, Ming-Na will not be reprising the role. Although Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba were alleged targets, both turned down the potentially career-damaging part. Now Hyde Park Entertainment and Fox are supposedly after Biel.

As rumors go this one is absurd. But that's better than if the claim was true ... 'cause then it would be offensive. What's next? Sam Jackson as Ryu? Capcom, please keep this project in check and hush these awful lies. They are lies, right...?

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