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Sony's VAIO FZ series: Blu-ray action in your lap

Darren Murph

Nah, it shouldn't surprise you one bit that Sony's officially squeezing in yet another option in the VAIO laptop lineup, but this 15.4-incher packs a media-centric attitude into a (debatably) lightweight package, and moreover, sports a pricetag that's very un-VAIO-like. Aside from the typical black / silver motif, you'll notice a widescreen XBRITE display, a bevy of multimedia controls atop the keyboard, Intel's Core 2 Duo processors, NVIDIA's GeForce 8400M graphics card, support for 802.11n, HDMI out, audio in / out, USB 2.0, VGA and S-Video outs, 4-pin FireWire, and the obligatory Blu-ray drive for watching HD flicks on the go. Additionally, the FZ will include an integrated webcam, LocationFree placeshifting niceties, an ExpressCard slot, and a Memory Stick reader. Fortunately for you, this fairly well appointed machine won't break the bank as you may expect, as the non-BD-equipped rendition will start at $1,400, while the "Premium" flavor comes in just $2,000.

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