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Universal to go format neutral?

Ben Drawbaugh

Here we go again with the rumors, which is exactly what this is -- and again a rumor that requires translation, but we couldn't pass this one buy. Universal has been HD DVD's ace in the hole and sure The Weinstein Company is also an HD DVD exclusive, but Universal is one of the most powerful names in Hollywood. So if Universal was to start selling Blu-ray movies, this would be a watershed moment in the format war timeline. As the rumor goes, Universal is sick of not selling as many next gen titles as Warner and may end their exclusive contract with HD DVD. This of course would mean that many of the biggest titles currently only available on HD DVD would be available on both formats, while we doubt this would mean the end of the format war it certainly couldn't be interpreted as good for the HD DVD camp.

Read -- Universal will angeblich exklusive Unterstützung der HD DVD aufgeben
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