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Crackdown gets a facelift with new DLC [update 1]

Dustin Burg

The guys over at TeamXbox received an exclusive preview of the new downloadable content that will be available for Crackdown later this week. And overall we're impressed. Yup, the new Crackdown content dramatically changes up gameplay and will have you putting the game back in your weekly gaming rotation. But let's look at the specifics.

First off, there will be an auto update for the game which will address various game issues from louder orb notification sounds to a new gang reset option. They even made the fire hydrants less evil. Second up is a free piece of DLC called the Free-For-All Pack which will add exciting features like a new Keys to the City mode and an Impounding Vehicles option. Again, all for free. Thirdly is the Getting Busy Bonus Pack which will cost an unknown amount of Microsoft Points and will include new vehicles, weapons, and various other game modes. Stay with us now.

Finally, Realtime Worlds is adding a total of seven new achievements that spread across the free and paid content. Two achievements (totaling 140 Gamerscore) are attainable with the Free-For-All Pack while five other achievements (totaling 210 Gamerscore) are in the Getting Busy Bonus Pack. Also interesting to note is that the premium Getting Busy Bonus Pack can be played in co-op with a friend who doesn't have the content and, as such, a few achievements exclusive to the pack can be obtained by both players. Full writeup and videos after the jump.

Update 1: states that the Getting Busy Bonus Pack will cost 800 Microsoft points.

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