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Some Alone in the Dark screens -- candy for your eyes

Nick Doerr

As I've probably said before, prior to this installment of Alone in the Dark, I was never really interested in it. Sure, it was the original survival horror title, but it just wasn't Resident Evil. Anyway, someone over at the PS3 Forums took it upon themself to up two wallpaper-worthy crazy/beautiful screenshots (no, not the awful Kirsten Dunst movie). Since the game is more of an interactive novel than a "health-bar, ammo display" action game, we're not entirely sure if the screenshots are pre-rendered or in-game. We'll side with logic and reason and assume they're pre-rendered.

The game is due out around January of 2008, so we're expecting some details of the game to surface closer to the big shows in the coming months. If you're itching to read something about the game, refer back to some of our other screenshot posts on the subject. Or one of those times we talked about the story. Either way, prepare for this franchise to take a different step, moving itself into the light of success. Or something else epic, dramatic, flashy, and poetic.

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