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The hottest JRPG video: Square Enix Party 2007 TV spot

Ross Miller

How does a 14-second commercial reach YouTube's most viewed Gadget & Games video page for today? When it's about Square Enix, that's how!

Square Enix's Party 2007, honoring Final Fantasy's 20th anniversary, is this month. Shown in the video are snippets from at least four different games, including Dragon Quest 9. The announcer, speaking in Japanese, promises "the newest Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest titles." We've heard about quite a few FF games being announced lately, and we're expecting at least a sighting of Kingdom Hearts.

The party is May 12 to 13 at the Makuhari Messe; according to the commercial, admission is free. Those interested can find out more information at the party's official page. Video embedded after the break.

[Thanks, Patrick Burleson]

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