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Best Buy offers last second Nano + Chocolate gift set for Mom


Face it. It's nearly Mother's day. If you're desperate for a present that says "I love you Mom" and you've got lots of money to spend, consider this Best Buy exclusive. For only $205, you get a 4GB iPod Nano with a gift box and chocolate. It's an in-store item only, so you'll have to actually go over to a Best Buy retail brick & mortar store to track this down. I recommend that you call in advance to make sure they've actually got the gift set in stock before visiting.

And while you're there, check out their crash & dent table. My girls picked up several Game Boy Advanced cartridges recently for between $2 and $4 each. They were also burning off iPod accessory inventory, primarily ugly iPod cases and disposable battery boosters at that same table. Selection will, obviously, vary by store.

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