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COBRAAAA sensor bar stand

Eric Caoili

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Cobra Command, the once-feared terror outfit that brought nations to their knees, has all but abandoned its plans of total world domination, favoring the sales of cheap Wii accessories in their stead. Gone are the days of Weather Dominators, Synthoids, and dozens of other harebrained schemes plotted by incompetent-but-endlessly-entertaining villains. To take their place, we have an adjustable stand for your Wii sensor bar selling for only $9.99.

Distributed by dummy corporation Dragon, the Cobra Stand can twist and turn to position your sensor bar however you want. The suction cup on its base sticks to even the most slippery surfaces (or the most slithery! Har har har!). We've got some photo instructions on how to use this contraption, but that's not all! Our quest to point out bizarre packaging elements continues after the post break!

Use in your car?! This has to be a joke, right? Any moment now, Destro and the Baroness are gonna hop out from behind a couch, laughing. "Haha, we totally got you guys! You should've seen your stupid faces!" They'd then exchange high-fives while yelling out in unison, "Cobra rules, suckas!"

And one last time...


[Via DCEmu]

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